Management Services

A team of professionals, working together, will provide you with the level of service that your association deserves. This doesn't just mean a "team" assigned to your property, but a complete company, with accounting, planning and management experience not often found in just one local office.

The primary contact for your association will be the Community Association Manager. They will help organize meetings of the Board of Directors and prepare a comprehensive agenda and management report for each meeting. This report will allow the Board of Directors to be prepared to discuss and make decisions on a timely basis, with facts, not conjecture, on which to base their decisions. Following the meeting, your Manager will follow through with the directives and decisions of the Board, making sure that issues are resolved and tasks completed in a timely manner.

We realize that the Board of Directors sets policy, and the management group carries out their directives. Where appropriate, based upon our experience and knowledge, we will help advise the Board and make recommendations. We also know when to refer you to experts, whether legal counsel, reserve specialists, accountants, or maintenance personnel. In fact, we have such a good relationship within the trade, that we can often obtain answers and solutions more efficiently than you thought possible.

How does the industry view us? As professionals. And that means good things for you, as we can often help you obtain better pricing and/or service than you have today.

Our complete administrative services include:

  • Maintaining your association website
  • Maintaining the homeowner list
  • Inspect recreation centers and common areas
  • Assess the association for architectural and CC&R compliance
  • Organize Board Meetings, including Agendas and Manager's Reports
  • Produce minutes of Board Meetings
  • Guide members of the Board in the performance of their duties and development of policies and procedures
  • Design and prepare newsletters
  • Annual Meeting Package
    • Proxy/Attendance reporting in seconds
  • Handle association business related correspondence
  • Solicit bids for association services
  • Oversee contracted services
  • Facilitate clubhouse rentals

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