Homeowner Testimonials

Angela G.
Easy to contact, fast response and fast resolution.
Donald & Barbara M.
Always helpful
Benjamin V.
Automation is awesome. Online bill pay, great.
Kathie H.
I received an email, and a follow up phone call in a timely manner. Thank you!
Diane V.
James Beard in particular, is exceptional!. Russ, Leonard and everyone else at VMG is professional, helpful and responsive.
Judith D.
I have lived here since 1981 and feel everything has been well run. Other than the dues going up every so often due to life... all is as it should be.
Hans & Susan S.
Just keep up the good work!
David C.
Responded fast and followed through
Gladys D.
I've always had a great experience with Jacklyn. I appreciate her prompt response to every email or phone call. 5 stars
Robert R.
Jessica Kelsey is a perfect example of the type of support Brighton Village deserves.
Ernesto G.
Each time I've had to call for information or any other need the service provided by VMG has been outstanding. If the information isn't readily available, I always receive correspondence when it's available. I'm greatly appreciative of your services, thank you.
David W.
I have had only positive experiences.
Rebecca E.
I have been very happy with VMG
Gary B.
Jessica is very efficient, responsive, and professional. Very pleased with her work on behave of the association.
Michael M.
I have lived in this community for 30 years and since Valencia Management Group has taken over issues have been address and resolved... I'm giving them 4 stars because their is always room for improvement... Keep it going !!
Cynthia M.
I recently reported an issue regarding a dog, repeatedly, being walked off leash and his aggressive behavior. The management company was very responsive to my concern. Thank you.
Jose L.
We always get a good response and in timely manner, we are very pleased
Robert O.
Absolutely wonderful!!
Gina T.
Everyone is very nice and professional. thank you
Dianna K.
The management team was extremely timely in responding to my inquiry.
Afshin C.
Norma Gonzalez has been extremely helpful and response to our questions and requests.
Ana S.
I am a Real Estate Broker in Miami and I can say that is not easy to find a reliable and competent HOA Management. I take care of my mom's bills, correspondence, etc and Valencia Management manages the HOA where she leaves, in Los Angeles. I always email Karen and Alison with questions, concerns or requests, they are great!! They answer my emails very quick and in a very kind and professional manner. Very happy with them!!
Larry & Karen J.
Stephenie & Nicole handled our concern quickly and professionally. They were a pleasure to work with!
Georgeana R.
I recently spoke with Cinnamon who was very pleasant and helpful, thank you
Darren D.
Norma Gonzalez gets 5 Stars across the board. She has always been a pleasure to work with. Everyone at VMG should be commended for all their work, very professional and always knowledgeable.

Testimonials are given freely by homeowners in communities managed by Valencia Management Group. No compensation or rewards are offered in exchange for testimonials.