Homeowner Testimonials

Jeff M.
nothing but good experiences
Susan B.
you guys are great.
Clarice G.
I appreciate the newsletter and anything to inform me of our Summit HOA. Valencia Management Group has always been of service.
Brian B.
Management and staff has always been helpful and respond in a timely manner.
Willard H.
Everyone is extremely polite.
Deena L.
Office staff is great.
Angela G.
Easy to contact, fast response and fast resolution.
Alfredo M.
Picked up my parking pass, I was in and out in 2 minutes.. and I love that I am always in a hurry.
Robert M.
No issues or complaints. I can also say that VMG has always been very responsive on any matters through both email & phone. Great job.
Bruce N.
Staff is very helpful and responsive.
Sharon L.
Michelle is wonderful at the Westridge HOA.
Hugo D.
Great job!
Paula W.
Stephanie return my call right away and we discussed the issues are resolved it. She was very professional and nice !
Cynthia M.
I recently reported an issue regarding a dog, repeatedly, being walked off leash and his aggressive behavior. The management company was very responsive to my concern. Thank you.
Irma G.
the staff is always friendly and helpful, they respond in a prompt manner. it's always a pleasure to contact and interact with the staff here :)
Paula B.
I'm satisfied with the help and attention provided this far.
Dianne P.
Very helpful and compassionate
Fred H.
The staff is always helpful and very professional.
Pam N.
I have had correspondence with Kristie Vitalie in the past and recently and she is amazing how she responds back to me so quickly. I always appreciate informing me on matters.
Michael P.
I have been very happy with their services. Fairways East Homeowners Association
Teresa B.
My interaction with the office staff has been positive. They answered my questions or concerns quickly.
Paul F.
Cinnamon Valdiviezo was very helpful in answering my questions about landscaping changes and the role of the Architectural Committee. Thank you very much!
Emily A.
Kristi Vitale has always gone above and beyond to assist me in answering my questions or to help with other things. The front desk office staff are kind and welcoming. I'm very happy with this group!
Jose L.
We always get a good response and in timely manner, we are very pleased
Ramiro R.
Recently my wife Sheri Rodriguez submitted an inquiry regarding the replacement of the bbq's. VMG responded in a timely manner and delivered new bbq's within the specified time period specified. Thank you! Very much appreciated by all.

Testimonials are given freely by homeowners in communities managed by Valencia Management Group. No compensation or rewards are offered in exchange for testimonials.