Homeowner Testimonials

Allen B.
VMG is a very good H.O.A. partner and can be counted on to do a very good job.
John T.
My communications with VMG always been handled professionally and with prompt replies. They have been very helpful in their assistance to us in running our association and helping us to maintain our property values.Beth Bottaro and her staff are outstanding in their fields and are great asset to VMG
Nessim T.
The email is very professional, concise & to the point.
Fred C.
Good service
Georgeana R.
I recently spoke with Cinnamon who was very pleasant and helpful, thank you
Joy H.
Came in on a Saturday to pick up my pool fobs...although a little busy the young woman manning the front desk was very personable, patient, calm, and efficient with each customer. Excellent customer service that was much appreciated...Thank you!
Diego V.
I've had the need to contact you a couple of times and your response has been prompt and satisfactory. Thank you
Roger L.
Beth Bottaro is great, the best property manager Hasley Hills has ever had!
Dave B.
Nicole is a great communicator. Responsive and thorough.
Michael M.
I have lived in this community for 30 years and since Valencia Management Group has taken over issues have been address and resolved... I'm giving them 4 stars because their is always room for improvement... Keep it going !!
Carol S.
Every time I get to talk to anyone,especially Karen, I am completely satisfied with the conversation and the end results.
Linda G.
This company is amazing and we would gladly recommend them to anyone!!
Ricardo H.
The experience we had recently was wonderful. We submitted our paperwork to paint our home, it was approved and things ran smoothly. Thank you!
Junko H.
I no longer live in Valencia however Michelle Phelps was the best!!!! Extremely plesant, friendly and professional. Returned all calls immediately and ALWAYS put 110% into handling any and all problems.
Maria S.
You have a wonderful and helpful staff
Dianna K.
The management team was extremely timely in responding to my inquiry.
Benjamin V.
Automation is awesome. Online bill pay, great.
Robin S.
I was very pleased to see how nice our complex is looking lately. Went for a night walk and saw that all street, sidewalk and garage lights were on. The pool looked so clean and the grounds had no trash littered about. The green areas considering our drought, looked well cared for. I thank you for making this a home my family is proud of.
Arlette M.
I'm an owner but I don't live there at the moment. I have been pleased with any interaction I have had with the staff at the VMG office. The newsletter is appreciated in communicating to members. I can't rate daily services however, Bridgeport always looks well maintained when I visit. Thank you!
Frances B.
I am very happy with your service.
Gladys D.
I've always had a great experience with Jacklyn. I appreciate her prompt response to every email or phone call. 5 stars
David C.
Responded fast and followed through
William R.
I appreciate how well our HOA Board Members & VMG take care of our facilities and the general area here in the Summit.
Bharat D.
Fully satisfied with the services.
Stephanie K.
Kristi is always a great help - providing prompt service when needed.

Testimonials are given freely by homeowners in communities managed by Valencia Management Group. No compensation or rewards are offered in exchange for testimonials.