Homeowner Testimonials

Pam N.
I have had correspondence with Kristie Vitalie in the past and recently and she is amazing how she responds back to me so quickly. I always appreciate informing me on matters.
Karl S.
Have only needed to contact the office twice. Response was timely and professional.
George L.
Outstanding response! 5 stars.
Carol S.
Every time I get to talk to anyone,especially Karen, I am completely satisfied with the conversation and the end results.
Les B.
After 15 or so years of being adrift, I have been happy to have some sense of direction in the management department. I think we are moving, slowly, but still moving, forward. I don't know how we ended up with VMG but working with Karen and Sandra has been a pleasure.
Ramiro R.
Recently my wife Sheri Rodriguez submitted an inquiry regarding the replacement of the bbq's. VMG responded in a timely manner and delivered new bbq's within the specified time period specified. Thank you! Very much appreciated by all.
Maria S.
Great follow through.
Arthur P.
VMG has been responsive and professional since becoming our HOA manager. There were some critical, sensitive issues that were occurring in our community that we reported to VMG. We were very happy to see these issues resolved in a quick and confidential manner.
Jennifer D.
Excellent customer response time.
Robert R.
Jessica Kelsey is a perfect example of the type of support Brighton Village deserves.
Wook S.
very good and very kind!
Frances B.
I am very happy with your service.
Lawrence S.
Susan does a wonderful job. She communicates well, prepares great records, is responsive and dedicated. She responds to emergencies fast and gets problems fixed so as to not upset homeowners. She is a great asset to your company and we are lucky to have her handle our homeowners.
Ricardo H.
The experience we had recently was wonderful. We submitted our paperwork to paint our home, it was approved and things ran smoothly. Thank you!
Ernesto G.
Each time I've had to call for information or any other need the service provided by VMG has been outstanding. If the information isn't readily available, I always receive correspondence when it's available. I'm greatly appreciative of your services, thank you.
Roberta M.
Everyone at Valencia Management has always been very helpful & informative.
Terry P.
Kristi Vitale was very prompt and helpful regarding our request for solar approval. After hearing horror stories about denied HOA requests and delays it was really refreshing dealing with a can do representative.
Ben K.
Michele Phelps is always quick to respond snd is very helpful.
Paul F.
Cinnamon Valdiviezo was very helpful in answering my questions about landscaping changes and the role of the Architectural Committee. Thank you very much!
Diane V.
James Beard in particular, is exceptional!. Russ, Leonard and everyone else at VMG is professional, helpful and responsive.
McCarty F.
Stephanie Basore was professional and responsive and helpful in getting our architectural request submitted and approved.
Emily A.
Kristi Vitale has always gone above and beyond to assist me in answering my questions or to help with other things. The front desk office staff are kind and welcoming. I'm very happy with this group!
Terri R.
We have been here for almost 30 yrs. and have been truly thankful that we have HOA! Makes a big difference !!
Mark M.
Definitely pleased that we chose VMG this past year. We're still learning how to make use of the excellent website. Our Account Manager, Nicole Peterson is outstanding. Excellent communication and works very closely with the HOA Board. She's a very strong partner in helping us make the transition a success!
Jeffrey A.
Thank you for all your support

Testimonials are given freely by homeowners in communities managed by Valencia Management Group. No compensation or rewards are offered in exchange for testimonials.