Homeowner Testimonials

Jeffery G.
An employee of VMG promptly answers any questions we might have concerning The Ranch at Fair Oaks.
Angela G.
Easy to contact, fast response and fast resolution.
Holley A.
I have lived here almost 24 years now :) I am always happy with the service I receive from the VMG! I have emailed Kristi Vitale in the past and she has always been most helpful!!! She gets back to you and solves the problem! Kristi is the best! Many thanks to all who work so hard for our community!!
Joan W.
Thanks for all your help!
Gary P.
Absolutely stupendous service. Model for the industry
Laura C.
All interaction I have had with the staff have been extremely positive.
Mark B.
Very responsive and always friendly.
Jose L.
We always get a good response and in timely manner, we are very pleased
Gary M.
Excellent service from all personal especially Michelle @ the satellite office. Always gets back to when you leave a message ....
Neil G.
Beth & Stephanie do a tremendous job!
Teresa B.
My interaction with the office staff has been positive. They answered my questions or concerns quickly.
Wallace S.
Great company and by far the best employee in Sue. I will miss you as we move onto retirement in Prescott Arizona.
Ricardo H.
The experience we had recently was wonderful. We submitted our paperwork to paint our home, it was approved and things ran smoothly. Thank you!
Gladys D.
I've always had a great experience with Jacklyn. I appreciate her prompt response to every email or phone call. 5 stars
Diego V.
I've had the need to contact you a couple of times and your response has been prompt and satisfactory. Thank you
Michele S.
Communication was easy and issues addressed promptly. I'm very happy with VMG. They are helpful and on the ball.
Judith D.
I have lived here since 1981 and feel everything has been well run. Other than the dues going up every so often due to life... all is as it should be.
Michael M.
Overall my dealings with VMG have been positive. Appreciate the timely email communications from VMG.
Wade B.
Karen does a superb job for us here at The Ranch at Fair Oaks. Been working with her for a few years now and she is always on top of everything. Keep up the good work Karen.
Bruce N.
Quick response to a runaway slope sprinkler report.
Larry & Karen J.
Stephenie & Nicole handled our concern quickly and professionally. They were a pleasure to work with!
David F.
I have never had an issue with the management group at all. Our community looks great and I enjoy all the corrreapondence via electronic. Thank you !!!
Howard Y.
I picked up the new pool key on Saturday and was very impressed on how smoothly it was handled.
VMG has been a huge help with organizing meetings and preparing reports. They've also assisted with advising the Board and made great recommendations along the way. They have a very good relationship within the trade as well, which has allowed us to obtain answers and solutions more efficiently... If you're looking for experts in this arena for guidance, this company is an excellent choice.
Clarice G.
I appreciate the newsletter and anything to inform me of our Summit HOA. Valencia Management Group has always been of service.

Testimonials are given freely by homeowners in communities managed by Valencia Management Group. No compensation or rewards are offered in exchange for testimonials.