Homeowner Testimonials

Dale B.
I recently worked with HOA to install solar and a new gate on my house in Hasley Hills. I went to the office 2 times with questions and plans. I had a great experience and all my questions were answered and plans were accepted and projects completed.
Hans & Susan S.
Just keep up the good work!
Nessim T.
The email is very professional, concise & to the point.
Karen B.
You are all doing an amazing job! Thank you
David W.
I have had only positive experiences.
Roger L.
Beth Bottaro is great, the best property manager Hasley Hills has ever had!
Ramiro R.
Recently my wife Sheri Rodriguez submitted an inquiry regarding the replacement of the bbq's. VMG responded in a timely manner and delivered new bbq's within the specified time period specified. Thank you! Very much appreciated by all.
Gladys D.
I've always had a great experience with Jacklyn. I appreciate her prompt response to every email or phone call. 5 stars
Alfredo M.
Picked up my parking pass, I was in and out in 2 minutes.. and I love that I am always in a hurry.
Jeffery G.
An employee of VMG promptly answers any questions we might have concerning The Ranch at Fair Oaks.
Georgeana R.
I recently spoke with Cinnamon who was very pleasant and helpful, thank you
Gail J.
It is always a pleasure to work with Norma. She's efficient, knowledgeable, and always prompt and prepared at our board meetings. And most of all it's nice to be able to contact our management personnel in case of any issues and get a response back.
Alan G.
Always the utmost professionalism from Peggy.
Stephen B.
The team at VMG was very pleasant and helpful with my recent need for a statement. Great support!
Judith W.
Very professional and accommodating! Quick response!
Evelyn B.
I find the team at Valencia Management Group to be responsive and concerned about our HOA community. I enjoy working with Laurie Mark.
Robert O.
Absolutely wonderful!!
Ian C.
Seems great thus far. I hope to make the meetings soon.
Robert & Melanie B.
We always have outstanding service when we need to contact VMG
Mark B.
Very responsive and always friendly.
Michael N.
Katie Bartol has been very responsive to my enquiries. This makes contacting by email very efficient and useful.
David C.
Responded fast and followed through
Christopher & Helene Q.
Michelle Phelps, Thank you for all the assistance. Your the best!
Junko H.
I no longer live in Valencia however Michelle Phelps was the best!!!! Extremely plesant, friendly and professional. Returned all calls immediately and ALWAYS put 110% into handling any and all problems.
Ricardo H.
The experience we had recently was wonderful. We submitted our paperwork to paint our home, it was approved and things ran smoothly. Thank you!

Testimonials are given freely by homeowners in communities managed by Valencia Management Group. No compensation or rewards are offered in exchange for testimonials.