Homeowner Testimonials

Michele S.
Communication was easy and issues addressed promptly. I'm very happy with VMG. They are helpful and on the ball.
Greg B.
Staff at front desk was very friendly when I picked up my new pool keys.. they asked if I had any other questions or anything that can help me with.
Rose M.
Love that I can pay my association dues directly to Union Bank without an additional fee. The only thing that would make the experience better would be to be able to pay in a more simplified manner.
S. R.
I was really happy and satisfied with your excellent service.They took care of my problem promptly.
David R.
I have been pleased by the prompt responses I have received when I had questions or needed to report something important.
Kerry C.
Janes Beard is the reason for our five stars. He listens, he understands, he takes action!!!!!
Susan I.
Very prompt response and the issue was addressed with a solution.
Richard C.
I have contacted Michelle in the HOA office on a few different occasions involving things like parking and landscaping. She has CONSISTENTLY gotten back too me in a short time period and has always followed thru in trying to solve any concerns. Also, i regularly use the pool in our complex and have been pleased with the security and cleanliness.
John & Carole M.
I appreciate the quick responses to emails. James and Cinnamon are ultra polite!
Clarice G.
I appreciate the newsletter and anything to inform me of our Summit HOA. Valencia Management Group has always been of service.
Ben K.
Michele Phelps is always quick to respond snd is very helpful.
Robert B.
I have been an owner within CA Summit HOA for 20+ years and have interacted with Laurie Mark on several occasions through email and over the phone. She has always been very helpful and has resolved any concerns or issues needing attention very promptly. She is an asset for our association!
Arlette M.
I'm an owner but I don't live there at the moment. I have been pleased with any interaction I have had with the staff at the VMG office. The newsletter is appreciated in communicating to members. I can't rate daily services however, Bridgeport always looks well maintained when I visit. Thank you!
Dorothy N.
There to help you need it
Greta T.
Was told what to do when taking out trees. Glad theres a management group to help keep our community looking good. Went through cinnamon who took care of business. My tree removal was approved which I am thankful for there approval.
Hugo D.
Great job!
Fred C.
Good service
Junko H.
I no longer live in Valencia however Michelle Phelps was the best!!!! Extremely plesant, friendly and professional. Returned all calls immediately and ALWAYS put 110% into handling any and all problems.
Bella R.
Very helpful when contacted about clubhouse rental. Security and lifeguards are respectful.
Diego V.
I've had the need to contact you a couple of times and your response has been prompt and satisfactory. Thank you
Paul F.
Cinnamon Valdiviezo was very helpful in answering my questions about landscaping changes and the role of the Architectural Committee. Thank you very much!
Allan & Vivian G.
I am working on getting some windows in my house replaced. I have never been through this process. Cinnamon has been wonderful with responding quickly and helping me. She has made it very simple. Thank you for being so helpful.
Mark B.
Very responsive and always friendly.
Robert R.
Jessica Kelsey is a perfect example of the type of support Brighton Village deserves.
Michael N.
Katie Bartol has been very responsive to my enquiries. This makes contacting by email very efficient and useful.

Testimonials was given freely by homeowners in communities managed by Valencia Management Group. No compensation or rewards were offered in exchange for testimonials.