Homeowner Testimonials

Ricardo H.
The experience we had recently was wonderful. We submitted our paperwork to paint our home, it was approved and things ran smoothly. Thank you!
Dung H.
Superior customer service, knowledgeable, professional.
Linda D.
I do everything online and it makes everything easy for me
Venugopal M.
The staff helped me a lot in finding solution thank you ... U guys are doing good job ...
Michael M.
I have lived in this community for 30 years and since Valencia Management Group has taken over issues have been address and resolved... I'm giving them 4 stars because their is always room for improvement... Keep it going !!
Arlette M.
I'm an owner but I don't live there at the moment. I have been pleased with any interaction I have had with the staff at the VMG office. The newsletter is appreciated in communicating to members. I can't rate daily services however, Bridgeport always looks well maintained when I visit. Thank you!
Ana S.
I am a Real Estate Broker in Miami and I can say that is not easy to find a reliable and competent HOA Management. I take care of my mom's bills, correspondence, etc and Valencia Management manages the HOA where she leaves, in Los Angeles. I always email Karen and Alison with questions, concerns or requests, they are great!! They answer my emails very quick and in a very kind and professional manner. Very happy with them!!
Frances B.
I am very happy with your service.
Greta T.
Was told what to do when taking out trees. Glad theres a management group to help keep our community looking good. Went through cinnamon who took care of business. My tree removal was approved which I am thankful for there approval.
Gina T.
Everyone is very nice and professional. thank you
Karl S.
Have only needed to contact the office twice. Response was timely and professional.
Fred H.
The staff is always helpful and very professional.
Linda G.
This company is amazing and we would gladly recommend them to anyone!!
Kirk B.
Every dealing I have had with VMG has been a positive contact and any problem was dealt with in a prompt manner of time.
LeeAnn H.
I have had excellent experiences dealing with Laurie Mark and Kristi Vitalle.
Parvin J.
Everyone I talk to in the office is very professional
Tamara G.
Each time my wife has an interaction with Cinnamon, she gets back to us within hours, in not in less than 24 hours. Always professional, always super friendly. Thank you!
Sharon L.
Michelle is wonderful at the Westridge HOA.
Paula W.
Stephanie return my call right away and we discussed the issues are resolved it. She was very professional and nice !
Angela G.
Easy to contact, fast response and fast resolution.
McCarty F.
Stephanie Basore was professional and responsive and helpful in getting our architectural request submitted and approved.
Patricia F.
You are going a great job at Cheyanne! Always s pleasure to work with! Lisa is amazing!
Clarice G.
I appreciate the newsletter and anything to inform me of our Summit HOA. Valencia Management Group has always been of service.
Michael M.
Overall my dealings with VMG have been positive. Appreciate the timely email communications from VMG.
Jeff M.
nothing but good experiences

Testimonials are given freely by homeowners in communities managed by Valencia Management Group. No compensation or rewards are offered in exchange for testimonials.