Educational Services

Board Education

Valencia Management Group provides an extensive training session for all members of the Board of Directors. This includes a review of governing documents, the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act, as well as other state and federal laws. We also review and explain the financial statements and discuss the Board of Directors meeting process in depth to help create more efficient meetings. These training sessions can also be attended and supplemented by the Association's legal counsel, accountant, and reserve study specialist.

In addition to the training session, all members of the Board of Directors have access to a special folder on the Association's website that contains previous Board Packages, Contracts, and other confidential information. The website also has the Association's Governing Documents, Rules and Policies, Budget, Fiscal Year End Financial Statement, Reserve Study, Insurance summary, maps, and much more. This is a handy reference for the Directors & Owners alike.

The President, Treasurer (CFO), and Secretary also receive copies of the Community Associations Institute's "Guide for the Association Practitioners" series to assist these officers to better understand their responsibilities.

Finally, Valencia Management Group coordinates many industry seminars offering information on subjects ranging from collections, to enforcement, and reserve studies. To find out more about educational opportunities available to your association, contact Valencia Management Group.

Homeowner Education

Homeowners who are interested in learning about Community Association Living may download a complimentary copy of An Introduction to Community Association Living from the Community Associations Institute.